Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its Michelada Time!

The loss of my camera (among other things) has lately made me lazy when it comes to my American Mexican blog. Thankfully, my sister is addicted to FaceBook and her iPhone, and recently posted about Micheladas and their contents. So I have this little tidbit for the interweb, a necessity for any blog about traveling in this lovely country. A recipe for deliciousness... It is truly a meal in a beer. !Provecho!

Mary Claire ♥ the brown michelada. beer with worcestershire, soy sauce, and lime juice. ¡genial!
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Mary Claire
can also contain tomato juice and chili if you please

Oooooh, that actually sounds kinda good! :)
Yesterday at 10:14pm

Yea, I know a good place in Guadalajara. Twill be a happy Easter indeed...
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+ chili = yes!
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i learned the michelada while on a study abroad to morelia, and then re-learned it on a vacation... i make them here at home and always get weird looks. waiters/waitresses tend to look at you funny when you request soy and salt with your beer. but, there's no denying the deliciousness!
Yesterday at 11:15pm

what's the ratio? just a splash of each? any kind of beer? i'm intrigued...
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Mary Claire
just mexican beer, haha. dark (like negra modelo) or light works. i start with a tall glass, and if you can find it it's nice to rim with chili salt. squeeze into the glass maybe 1/4-1/2" of lime juice (1/2 a normal lime), then i add several jigs of worcestershire (1-2 tbs i guess) and dash of soy. tomato juice to taste, a splash, then add the beer... See More. i have lately been excluding the tomato and going heavy on the worcestershire.

salty beer is so good. even if i'm not making a michelada, i still sometimes like to add salt & lime to my beer.

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