Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sayulita: The Vortex of Chilllllll

Well I have all this free time, yet I have been bad about using the blog site. I love this place!

Today was my second attempt at surfing. I caught some waves this time, but they were rough. Couldn't stand up, so it was basically a really good boogie board adventure. It took a lot out of me. I have to get it down before the month is over and I move on. My arms and neck hurt, but it is a good soreness. I think there's some ocean water still rattling around in my sinuses and belly. The first great lesson I have learned from surfing; don't panic when you get stuck under a wave, it will make everything worse.

I feel like I really did something today.

Right now I am sitting on my second story hillside deck watching the sun set. This is what I have done almost every twilight. Its perfect. Last night I saw some huge fountain fireworks exploding above the hills. I could see the silhouettes of the palms in front of them. Gorgeous. The sky is perfect right now. Everything for me has really slowed down. I didn't realize how much stress I was carrying with me until I started unloading it here.

I taught English to some 5th graders at the local school today. It was my second day. I love it. My group is very sweet. I have this really hyper little guy named Kevin who is all about picking up trash around the school just so he can get the plastic gloves they give out. One of the girls, Esperanza, is really eager to learn about anything we talk about. It makes me really happy. I wish I had more time here for them. Their favorite part of the day is when we sing "Yellow Submarine" together at the end. Adorable. They're pretty good at it.

Tomorrow I am getting a three hour massage from this North American couple who include Matrix Energetics into their practice. Supposedly, they can rearrange my molecules through slight touch and a two point mental focus. It has something to do with quantum physics, a subject I know almost nothing about. I am looking forward to the experience. Maybe they can erase my old belly-bumping wrist injury! They think I will be able to use this technique in my nursing practice. I'm all about it if it works.

I have been practicing Tibetan Kunlun meditation with a group led by a man who says he is in contact with extra terrestrial life. Don't worry, if he tells me to drink the Koolaid, I'm out, but I really enjoy it. He's really cool, not overly eccentric, and I am open to new schools of thought. Modern science doesn't know it all. It is hard for me to quiet my brain and it is super helpful to have someone help guide me. Some of the movements really do feel intense if I concentrate on them and nothing else (big fan of the water movements). I am really happy I have found a way to meditate. My brain is very analytical and hyper-active in general. Sometimes, I just need it to shut the Hell up for a minute. James is helping me cover that.

The jungles around here have a bunch of trails cut into them. I have been going on long solitary hikes. I feel so much more healthful than I have felt in...I can't even remember. They are beautiful. Very hilly with ocean views.

And the people here are really sweet. Everyone seems more alive and interested in everyone else. The town is so small that I run into the people I have become friends with without having to try. Cell phones and email are not necessary. Everyone should live like this. I will be sad to leave, but I am definitely coming back.

A theme that keeps coming up here is that I don't have to be in complete control of every detail of my life to get the best out of it. The old cliché, everything happens for a reason, has been making itself more and more apparent recently. Having an open mind, listening to my intuition, and appreciating spontaneity have led me to some awesome experiences in the last couple of months. I feel like I am growing more now. I like to think it all started with the house fire last year and snowballed. It is amazing. I am really excited about all of the tomorrows in my future.

And the rest of my blogs, I promise, will be a little less earthy/granola, and a little more audience friendly.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiku 2KX

aggressive roosters
hustling in my sideyard
la luna bella

Friday, January 8, 2010

Año Nuevo IIKX

I've been off the radar for a couple of weeks now. Vacationing with Mary Claire, Laura, and Daphne in the Gulf of Mexico/Yucatan Peninsula. As you can see, we were very enthusiastic about the new year in Chichinitza! Playa del Carmen was beautiful, though pretty chaotic. Stayed in the dirtiest (but very fun!) hostel (Urban Hostel: while we were there. Tulum, a small city close to Playa, was by far my favorite part of the trip... We stayed at this place called Papaya Playa, no papayas to be found there BTW, with swinging mattress beds and more mattresses on the beach for straight up lounging. I was finally able to ride a bicycle and was suuuuper stoked on this! I rode a cruiser all the way to the ruins and back and worked up a much needed sweat. The fish tacos were by FAR the best things I have eaten on this trip. We met some adorable Argentinian boys there and I could actually understand them which blows my mind! We then took the rental car to the Mayan ruins of the city of Chichinitza and I got to walk around the giant Pelote field. Pelote is the Mayan religious ball game where either the loser or the winner (archeologists still don't know for sure) were sacrificed at the end. I imagine this sport as a spectator would be even more enthralling than that Chivas game I went to.
I caught a plane to the Pacific coast in Puerto Vallarta and kicked it for two days. Nothing too exciting happened there. I was grumpy from all of the traveling from Yucatan the first night and got pretty aggro on the street vendors the first night. The second night I met the only other girls staying in my hostel and we got along really well. A Canadian, a girlie from Chi-Town, and a Kiwi. We snuck in to a resort in the marina and chillaxed at the fancy pool. The only good thing I liked about Vallarta was the art galleries there. Amazing artists everywhere there. And I happened to be there the night of their weekly art walk. I wanted to buy so many thing but traveling for 4 months with a backpack is risky for the art, so I resisted. The art scene is the only reason to go there. It is great. Everything else there blows. Seriously.
Now I am in my own little beach house in Sayulita, Nayarit for the next three weeks and I think it is going to be amazing! The Canadian lady is here with me and is great company. She introduced me to another girl from her home town who lives here now and I already have networked myself in to a meditation circle on the beach tomorrow morning, a Mayan calender seminar/discussion group offered ever Wednesday, someone to rent me a surf board for a good price (the waves are supposed to get huge this week!), and someone to take me on a hike through some of the jungle trails around here. The town is so cute, the people are super relaxed, and my house is BALLERIFFIC...this is the view from my hill-side balcony. I don't think I will be bored here. I have The Art of War to read in Spanish (thanks Paquito!), Janine (O Canada) is showing me some good yoga moves to practice on my roof. Surfing is going to be great and there are a variety of breaks to try out around here. My landlord for the month is great, a bit motherly but in a New Yorker way, and she is also very helpful (she lives below me). She told me about a hospital in the town next to ours I will check in to to see if there is any way I can work (free? paid? Hells yea I'd stay here if I had an income!). I also heard about this alternative African medicine clinic nearby that will be interesting to check into. I have the life right now! This is perfect. Estoy satisfecha. I feel sorry for my shivering buddies holed up at Mojos. Mexicans have the right idea.