Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Having my camera stolen in Chiapas sure took the fun out of blogging my Mexican adventures. A few months later, I am back under Old Glory, but still eating tacos and sippin on horchata now and again here in Austin TX. I feel I need to wrap up this American Mexican narrative in a whirlwind summary.

I worked in the emergency room at the Cruz Verde Zapopan Sur, where I learned more medical Spanish, saw lots of gnarly mishaps including a woman who nearly lost her arm to a tortilla-making machine, and learned how to suture on a 6 year old boy's finger. Most importantly, I am just a little more familiar with the differences between Mexican and US health care systems and I appreciate that knowledge immensely.

Semana Santa was not as cool as I expected. Guadalajara was dead, all of my friends went to the beach, but my sister came to Guadalajara to see me. She ditched me a lot to hang out with a dude she met. He was pretty cool though and I learned more slang from him. They still see eachother, so I'm ok that she didn't go the sisters before misters route.

Brauolio still kept trying to hang. I don't admire the perserverence.

I completed my reto- I read all of Octavio Paz's El Labarinto de la Soledad in Spanish AND wrote a comparative essay on Paz's attitude of Mexican identity growth to Erik Erickson's theory of Developmental Psychology all in Spanish and got an A on the paper.

I decided to move to Texas, as it was once Mexico and there is still plenty of evidence of that I must say (tacos de tripa are all up in this mug!). Austin is a place that before I never thought about moving to, but it has so far worked out nicely. The people are super friendly, there is plenty to do, and I get to use Spanish almost daily at my job as a RN at South Austin Medical Center.

Estoy bieeennn satisfecha con mis adventuras! I still feel like I am having one even though I am back on the tierra madre.