Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hello Distrito Federal!

Crazy coincidence, Ward and Stephanie saw me off to my connecting flight in Charolette NC this morning! They were on the same RIC one going out to Jacksonville for the FL Fest. Their seat assignment was the row in front of mine. Ward had airplane bottles of Skyy Vodka and we mixed 'em in our smoothies in Charolette. Cocktail hour at 9am with Ward and Stephanie right before a flight should happen to everyone.
So far all I have done today in Mexico City (Distrito Federal/D.F.) is go to Mary Claire's apartment, eat a delicious torta, and have a well needed siesta. We are going to some Dub show tonight. I can't wait for Dia de Los Muertos juey! D.F. is a huge and crazy sprawl! I forgot how insanely big it is. Last time I stuck to the main Zocalo (city center) and the La Zona Rosa (the Pink Zone=gay as a footballbat!) the whole time.
I just found out Polka Madre is playing on Sunday and I am going to see them. Aren't you excited for me Tony? I'll give them a high five (una choca del cinco!) for you and Shelly and Curtis and Ward.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goodbye Richmond!

I love Richmond, Virginia so much! I am proud to call it home and everyone I know there my family (Sean, even you).
Oye! I leave tomorrow for Mexico City. I have a rough idea of what I will be doing with my 5 months exploring, but I have no idea how this is going to turn out. For once, it seems, I don't have a solid plan...kind of intimidating for someone like me, but I'm down to try something a little out of my comfort level. Bonus; I will be tan, bilingual, totally rested, and have a hot surfer body when I return in the Spring. Whoop!
These last few weeks off from work and catching up with friends have been really good for me. I feel loved. I love you guys and I feel insanely lucky to know you. I'll miss you guys!

*when I have time I'll make a Flickr account so yall can check out the photos I took last week of all of us. I got some funny ones!