Monday, February 15, 2010


I lost my passport, cash, credit cards, cell phone, keys, and camera just hours before I was to board a plane headed back to Guadalajara for class to begin (tomorrow). Not a pleasant thing to write about, but important to my trip. Now I have the inconvenience of getting a new passport and credit cards in a foreign country. It sucks.
I just got to D.F. thanks to a bus ticket lent to me from my sister. I am VERY fortunate she is here (MC shout out!!!). I rode all night from San C. to here and now I am sick from the ride: it was cold, I was stressed, we got stopped and searched by the federales (police) twice in the middle of my slumber, and I was sleeping sitting down. The worst part of it all, I am wondering if this is a bright, neon-flashing sign from the Universe telling me I should not go back to Guadalajara. My debate of going back or going to Oaxaca is driving myself (and the friends I have been talking to about this) crazy.
Up side. There is always an upside. The friends I made in San C took amazing care of me. My traveling clown buddy gave me lots of hugs and support. My two lovely U.K. ladies kept me giggling and nourished. The owner of oPosada Mexic took me to the police station to file a report and said I could stay at her wonderful place as long as I needed. She even offered to give me some money until I could pay her back. I love how there can be a loving community anywhere you are willing to make one. I am so happy as well as thankful to have witnessed it once again.
Tambien, si hubiera salido en el día había planado por Guadalajara, no habría conocido lo mas hermoso hombre en México....ahhhh Beto... que lastima no nos pasamos más tiempo juntos...
We will see what happens next. My sore throat is saying no to D.F., capital of esmog, my tarot reading says GDL is the most comfortable option (and Talia, Curtis, AND MUNICIPAL WASTE are coming there in March!!!!), but something is nagging me not to ignore Oaxaca's potential.

Tengo suerte a pesar de la situación con mis cosas materiales.

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