Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Municipal Waste in Guadalajara

I came, I saw, I thrashed.

The show was a lot like any Waste show in RIC, I felt at home. The differences: patrolmen with big guns making sure everyone was rocking in a safe and controlled manner(a norm at any big social event in Mexico), lots of young men not ashamed to be "that guy" wearing the Waste shirt/hat/both during the show, and that the crowd swarmed the boys every time they left the backstage area. Like true rockstars. Ryan, in particular, was eating it up, as he should. When I left the area once, I was asked to join in a fan photo, because I am friends with the Waste. Nice coattail ride! Pretty comical.

One crappy thing did happen. This guy groped my tits and ass in the "pit". I instinctively took his titty-grabbing hand in mine and bit him. Didn't draw blood, but was stoked that it was my initial, and appropriate, action. Dudes gonna treat me like an animal, I'm gonna bite him like one. He left me alone after that. The friends I came with were REALLY pissed when I told them about it and wanted to fight the perve after the show, but the men with guns were still hanging out post-show and I didn't need my friends going to Mexican jail over that jackass. I convinced them that the guy probably learned his lesson, mess with the best get bitten like the rest.

Next week, enter Talia and Curtis. I love playing the gringa hostess in Mexico!

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